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Maharaj said that someday his teachings would be explained in terms of the science involved and that would expand the numbers of those with the Understanding of his teachings because those with a scientific (or more concrete than abstract) mindset could know the Absolute. Of course science has never been necessary for the Understanding since all that one need to know is within, but science today does reaffirm the veracity of Maharaj's words.

THE VISION: A Spirit Journey to Your True Self

Adapted from The Twice-Stolen Necklace Murders - Envision yourself standing at one end of an open field in a very remote area. At the far end of the field is the edge of a forest. See yourself moving across the field and toward the woods. As you walk closer to the edge of the forest, see a gap in the trees that allows clear access to a trail. Follow that path through the woods, noticing the sounds along the way.