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Biography: Marie Lachney

Marie Lachney

Marie Lachney is a psychotherapist who has been in private practice in Louisiana for ten years. She has earned two Master's Degrees, including a specialist degree in counseling from Northwestern State University. Following the acquisition of her degree, she pursued trainings in Enneagram personality typing, in experiential therapy, in psychodrama methods, in the play therapy approach for child counseling, in addiction counseling, and in couples therapy using the Gottman method.

In years of working with clients and in doing research, she has learned that most people suffer from degrees of mood disorders and chemical imbalances. That convinced her that physical health was a major part of emotional healing; thus, she helped form a team of specialists who could address all of the needs of clients through use of natural supplements to complement medical approaches.

Marie believes that all the stresses that people in the world today are having to cope with create a great need for a holistic health approach using a team of specialists.

On a personal level, Marie had read Floyd Henderson's book, "Living Within Your Means" and followed his suggestions which helped her correct her perceptions and behaviors concerning money. In their work together and with clients, patterns emerged in the spending habits of the nine personality types of the Enneagram. With the knowledge of the Enneagram and the personal experience with clients, Marie and Floyd collaborated to write "Ending Financial Problems by Understanding Your Personality Type." Marie invites all to read those two booklets and enjoy turning your financial life around.

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